Crazy Poker Hands – The Craziest Televised Poker Hands Ever (Youtube)


Crazy poker hands is a compilation that brings you some of the craziest poker hands televised ever, 8 crazy hands to be exact.

Every poker player wishes to win money and tournaments and when you get to hold a monster hand, or form a strong hand, that is your chance to win a big size pot and advance in the tournament or enlarge your bankroll, so basically every player is waiting for these hands.

Well, I guess dreams are great but the reality can be different and very brutal when it comes to these crazy poker hands. What happens when a couple of players hold a monster hand and both are sure they have the best hand? What happens when you have a rollercoaster during a hand with the best hand shifts over from player A to player B?

This is what makes this compilation of crazy poker hands so entertaining and fun to watch. In this video, we’ll so you amazing hands from different tournaments, including the WSOP Main Event and you won’t believe that these monster poker hands can form in real life, as I was sure at one point that the hands you’re about to see here can form only on online poker.

**** Watch out for the third one a true roller coaster