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Online Lottery Winners From India: Stories of Fortune and Triumph

Online lottery games have gained immense popularity in India over the last decade, providing numerous players with life-changing wins. This article celebrates some of the most remarkable online lottery winners from India, who’ve raked in substantial amounts from international lotteries. From Powerball winners to Mega Millions victors, these individuals are not just lucky players; they are symbols of hope and aspiration for many.

WinnerOfficial Amount WonAmount in INRLottery Won
Nandlal Mangal$245.6 million (USD)₹1834.1 CroreUS Powerball
Hira Singh$50 million (USD)₹400.09 CroreMega Millions
Sandeep Singh$30.5 Million (USD)₹227.8 CroreMega Millions
Krishna Barri$14.5 million (USD)₹108.3 CroreFlorida Lottery
Balraj Awasthi$12.8 million (USD)₹95.6 CroreLotto 6/49
Pragnesh Peter Saija$7 million (CAD)₹52.3 CroreDaily Grand
AbdussalamAED 20 million₹39 CroreBig Ticket Lottery
Dsreenu Sreedharan NairAED 15 million₹29 CroreBig Ticket Lottery
Vilas RikkalaAED 15 million₹29 CroreBig Ticket Lottery
Harikrishnan V NairAED 12 million₹23 CroreBig Ticket Lottery
Tahir Ali$2 million (CAD)₹14.9 CroreOntario 49
Nirmal Dhamodarasamy$1 million (USD)₹8 CroreUS Powerball
Mohammad Salah$1 million (USD)₹8 CroreDubai Duty Free Millenium Millionaire
Ushakiran Patel$1 million (USD)₹8 CroreUS Powerball
Sunil Kumar Kathuria$1 million (USD)₹8 CroreDubai Duty Free Millenium Millionaire
Lingaraju D$520,000 (USD)₹4 CroreMega Millions
Prasanth Parasuraman$286,000 (CAD)₹1.8 CroreLotto 6/49
Partho Mondal₹53 Lakh₹53 LakhMalamaal Daily
Anonymous€50,000₹45 lakhLotería de Navidad
C.J€32,161₹29 lakhAustria Lotto

1. Nandlal Mangal: The Powerball Powerhouse

Nandlal Mangal, a West Indian with Caribbean roots living in New York, was the sole winner of the 2018 August 11 drawing in the US Powerball, winning a staggering $245.6 million (approximately ₹1834.1 Crore). His fascinating strategy of only playing the lottery when the jackpot reaches $100 million or more turned out to be winning one.

While Nandalal originally wanted to remain anonymous, he later came forward claiming he was the winner of the big jackpot. Married with two kids, Nandlal revealed he is a regular lottery player who trusts his lucky numbers. An immigrant from a small Caribbean Island, he worked various jobs over the years before striking it big with his Powerball ticket bought at a gas station near his home.

2. Hira Singh: The Mega Millions Magnate

Hira Singh’s story is nothing short of a fairy tale. On March 12, 2019, this Kansas-based Indian resident bagged the enormous Mega Millions jackpot worth a whopping $50 million (approximately ₹400.09 Crore).

Singh, a regular player of the Mega Millions lottery, bought his ticket from a QuickTrip store in Kansas City. The lucky numbers that transformed his life were 10, 12, 16, 49, 57, and the Mega Ball number 18. Singh’s colossal win remains one of the most substantial amounts ever won by an Indian in an international lottery.

When Hira’s Mega Millions numbers matched, he was in complete disbelief, checking his ticket numerous times before realizing it was real. A modest man, Singh wishes to use his multi-million-dollar prize to pay off his mortgage, help family members immigrate to the US, and support underprivileged children’s education in India. His religious faith and karma are what Singh credits for his incredible luck.

3. Sandeep ‘Sunny’ Singh: The Silver Lining

Sandeep Singh, fondly known as ‘Sunny’, won the Mega Millions jackpot worth $30.5 Million (around ₹227.8 Crore) in October 2012. Interestingly, his incredible win came just two weeks after a heartbreak, proving the adage “every cloud has a silver lining” true. The 22-year-old, living in California and working two jobs to support his family, used a $4 win from a scratchcard to buy four entries into the international lottery, leading to his enormous win.

Sunny Singh’s parents moved from India to California years ago in hopes of a better life. Working double shifts at two jobs to financially support them, Sunny played the lottery occasionally for fun. He elected to receive his $30.5 million Mega Millions prize in yearly installments over 26 years. With his newfound wealth, Sunny aspires to go back to school, own his own business one day, and take his family on a religious pilgrimage to India.

4. Krishna Barri: The Florida Lottery Fortune

Krishna Barri, an Indian American, won the $14.5 million (roughly ₹108.3 Crore) jackpot in the Florida Lottery in 2018. Barri planned to use part of his winnings to support the education of at least 100 underprivileged kids in India, setting up a trust in the name of his late brother-in-law, who had financially supported Barri’s higher studies in Florida.

5. Balraj Awasthi: The Canada Lotto 6/49 Winner

Indian-born chef residing in Canada, Balraj Awasthi, won the Lotto 6/49 jackpot worth $12.8 million (around ₹95.6 Crore) in February 2017. Awasthi planned to use his millions to start his own restaurant, give back to charity, travel the world with his wife, and potentially move back to India later in life.

Balraj Awasthi immigrated from India to Canada over 20 years ago. He regularly played the Lotto 6/49 game for over a decade before finally hitting the jackpot. A spiritual man, he believes his karma and good deeds over the years contributed to his luck.

6. Pragnesh Peter Saija: The Daily Grand Jackpot

Pragnesh Peter Saija, a Canada-based Indian, won the Daily Grand jackpot worth $7 Million (around ₹52.3 Crore) in February 2017. Saija planned to use the winnings to buy his first family home, complete with a swimming pool, home theatre, five bedrooms, and two new vehicles parked in the driveway.

Along with purchasing property, Pragnesh also said he intended to take his family on a vacation to India to visit all the religious pilgrimage sites, and to donate to his local temple back home.

7. Abdussalam: The Big Ticket Bonanza

In January 2021, Abdussalam won the Big Ticket lottery at Abu Dhabi International Airport, bagging a jackpot of ₹39 Crore (AED 20 million). Abdussalam, a resident of Kozhikode, Kerala, was running a shopping center in Muscat, Oman when he hit the jackpot.

8. Dsreenu Sreedharan Nair: Big Ticket Triumph

Dsreenu Sreedharan Nair, a migrant worker from Kerala, India, along with his 21 co-workers, won the Big Ticket lottery at the 209th draw at Abu Dhabi International Airport in 2019. They bagged a jackpot of AED 15 million (roughly ₹29 Crore).

Nair, a technical worker by profession, won the lottery on November 3, 2019. His winning ticket was 098165, which he had bought for Dh25 (roughly ₹580) out of the total cost of Dh500. Dsreenu was overjoyed and immediately phoned his wife with the life-changing news. He said his plans with the money was to build his family a new home, support his children’s education, and start a small business.

9. Vilas Rikkala: Another Big Ticket Victory

Vilas Rikkala, an Indian farmer from Telangana, visited Dubai in 2014 in search of work. Little did he know that he would return with a big win of AED 15 million (approximately ₹29 crore) in the UAE’s Big Ticket draw in 2019. Rikkala had borrowed ₹20,000 from his wife to buy lottery tickets when he hit the jackpot. Vilas plans with the money included building his dream home and taking care of his family.

10. Harikrishnan V Nair: More Big Ticket Success

Born in the Indian state of Kerala, Harikrishnan V Nair had moved to Dubai over 15 years ago in search of work. Employed as a business development manager, he frequently bought Big Ticket lottery tickets before fortune struck in 2018. Bagging 12 million dirhams (₹23 crore), Harikrishnan planned to invest his money wisely, support charity, give back to his parents, and potentially start his own venture. His family back in India couldn’t believe his luck.

11. Tahir Ali: Ontario 49 Jackpot Winner

Tahir Ali, an Indian living in Mississauga, Canada, won the Ontario 49 jackpot worth $2 million (₹14.9 Crore) in 2014. Ali, who was new to the game, bought a lottery ticket after hearing a radio ad. His win was confirmed when he saw ‘Big Winner’ on the self-checker.

12. Nirmal Dhamodarasamy: The Powerball Prodigy

Nirmal Dhamodarasamy, a 23-year-old graduate student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, won $1,000,000 (₹8 Crore) in the US Powerball in 2016. He had bought a Powerball subscription via the Illinois Lottery’s online sales channel as he found it very convenient.

13. Mohammad Salah: One-Year-Old Kerala Boy Hits Jackpot in Dubai!

In an astonishing turn of luck, one-year-old Mohammad Salah from Kerala, India, became a millionaire, winning $1 million in the Dubai Duty Free Millenium Millionaire lottery. His father, Ramees Rahman, a regular participant in the lottery, bought the winning ticket online in his son’s name.

The ecstatic father, an Abu Dhabi-based accountant, expressed great gratitude, ensuring his son’s future is now secure. Mohammad Salah’s unexpected fortune adds a unique chapter to Indian lottery success stories, proving that luck can smile at any age.

14. Ushakiran Patel: Powerball’s Million-Dollar Woman

Ushakiran Patel, a 62-year-old retiree, won a $1 million prize (₹8 Crore) in the US Powerball in 2018. Patel, who was new to the lottery game, picked random numbers and won a hefty sum, proving that sometimes, all it takes is a bit of luck.

15. Sunil Kumar Kathuria: Bahrain-Based Salesperson Wins $1 Million

Sunil Kumar Kathuria, a 33-year-old Indian expat working in Bahrain, achieved a significant milestone by winning $1 million in the Dubai Duty Free Millennium Millionaire draw. As the 342nd person to claim the million-dollar prize, Kathuria, a second-generation expatriate, purchased the winning ticket online on October 17.

Expressing excitement, he mentioned plans to use the money for charity and a potential home purchase. Kathuria, the 170th Indian to win in the DDF Millennium Millionaire draw, exemplifies the continued enthusiasm of Indian nationals participating in this prestigious international lottery.

16. Lingaraju D: The Lotto247 Luminary

Lingaraju D, a retired health inspector from Bengaluru, India won approximately $520,000 (about ₹4 Crore) at the popular lottery site Lotto247. A regular player at Lotto247, Lingaraju matched five out of six numbers in the Mega Millions lottery, winning him a significant sum.

17. Prasanth Parasuraman: The Lotto 6/49 Laureate

Prasanth Parasuraman, a Canada-based Indian, won the second prize of $286,000 (₹1.8 Crore) in Lotto 6/49 in 2017. Prasanth was under the impression that he had won only $286 until the retailer of the store from where he purchased his ticket informed him of the massive win.

18. Partho Mondal: Lottoland’s Malamaal Daily Millionaire

Partho Mondal, a customer service representative from Malda, West Bengal, won a whopping ₹53 Lakh by picking five random numbers in Lottoland’s exclusive draw, Malamaal Daily. Mondal’s win was celebrated by Lottoland, who tweeted about his success:

19. Unnamed Indian Syndicate Winner: The Spanish Lotería de Navidad Success

On December 22, 2019, a syndicate of nine players won €50,000 each (about ₹45 lakh) in the Spanish Lotería de Navidad lottery. One of the winners was an Indian who chose to remain anonymous. This win proves that even lottery syndicates can bring substantial rewards.

20. C.J: The Austria Lotto Achiever

In November 2018, an Indian lottery player known only as C.J won the second prize of €32,161 (₹29 lakh) in the Austria Lotto through the global lottery website, TheLotter. C.J, a regular lottery player, had managed to guess five out of six numbers correctly.

The stories of these Indian online lottery winners are not just tales of luck and fortune, but they also serve as a source of inspiration for many aspiring lottery players. They prove that, with a little luck and a lot of hope, anyone can hit the jackpot and turn their dreams into reality.